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    The Message Board includes updates from teachers and parents, as well as news and information on the latest events including sports, extracurricular programs, school organizations, parish activities, and so much more.

    Be a part of the discussion or simply take it all in.  The Message Board is another great feature that makes Saint Mark's one of the most vibrant Catholic communities in Saint Paul.

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    Up & Coming Events

    Penance Services for Advent
    Our Parish Penance Service will be Tuesday, December 2nd, starting at 7:00pm. The School Penance Services will be earlier that day. Please don’t miss this opportunity to come together as a community and to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, as the Advent season begins.

  • Community

    Looking Good, Saint Mark's!

    Saint Mark’s is looking good! Anyone familiar with the school’s campus will recognize some physical upgrades happening on campus. These include newly designated spaces such as the Lion’s Den Spirit Shop (summer of 2013) and the Alumni Archive (completed September 2014). The school is also sporting freshly-painted blue and white hallways emblazoned with our crest and community motto “One strong family united in Christ”.

    The updates extend to the exterior, too, as reflected in our gymnasium entryway, east façade banners, and new blue awnings. The facelift also includes our online presence, as we have been constantly updating our webpage in several ways large and small. While we are happy to appear attractive, it is important to note that this polished exterior serves as an indication of the constant and continuing improvements we are achieving in the school.

    With our mission statement always before us, inspiring what we do, we have determined…

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A Uniquely Caring School Community


Message from the Principal

Hello and welcome to the Saint Mark's School homepage!

You will find here a uniquely caring community.

All that we are doing here at Saint Mark’s, whether in the classroom, on the playground, or in the principal’s office, is being done with an increased awareness of our call to live as servant leaders. As Jesus modeled for us and as Pope Francis continues to encourage us, we know that we can find greatness while we maintain a focus on goodness.

Below is just a small sampling of how we are moving our school forward into its next century of service and leadership.

• There is great energy in the classrooms. Teachers and students are utilizing advances in technology and teaching techniques, while holding strong on the best of the basics.

Students prepare to lead through service opportunities like We Day, our annual C.A.R.E.-a-thon, and service hours for Confirmation, as well as studying at the Environmental Learning Center in Ely, MN and Washington, D.C.

Leadership takes creativity and courage. Students challenged themselves during visits from local non-profit Face Forward and the author of Johnathan James and the Whatif Monster, Michelle Nelson-Schmidt.

Families and alumni stay connected with busy daily school life with the new eDaily newsletter, LionLink alumni newsletter, and on Facebook.

• We are developing some exciting new financial initiatives to serve current needs and firmly secure the financial future of the school, to make sure gifts reach far into the next century.

I would love to share more with you about the vibrant and faithful community of Saint Mark's! Please, be in touch!

Principal Zach Zeckser

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