Catholic IDEALS School

What is a Catholic IDEALS School?

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  • A Catholic IDEALS School is a school that uses research on the human brain, neuroscience, to offer an excellent educational experience for your child and family.
  • A Catholic IDEALS School uses Dr. Howard Gardner’s research at Harvard University to engage students through their 9 different intelligences (logical/mathematical, linguistic/words, musical/rhythmic, visual, bodily/kinesthetic, intrapersonal/self, interpersonal/social, naturalistic, and spiritual/existential).
  • A Catholic IDEALS School awakens the children’s brains by first stimulating their interest, then engaging them in meaningful work, and finally by celebrating what they have stored in their long-term memories.
  • A Catholic IDEALS School includes classrooms with “language of abundance”, so we do not dumb down our language to the lowest possible denominator, but rather, we constantly assess our own verbiage so that we can constantly build each student’s vocabulary, and therefore build the IQ.
  • A Catholic IDEALS Schools believes that students are first human beings before they are human doings, and we therefore balance our approach to IQ by developing their EQ, or their emotional intelligences.
  • A Catholic IDEALS School teaches its students about their brains, so the students can develop uncommon maturity in mastering their thoughts and emotions.
  • A Catholic IDEALS School partners with Top 20 Training to help students and families develop long-term life skills in their thinking, learning, and communicating.
  • A Catholic IDEALS School says “no” to the ho-hum, everyday, doldrums of school. It says “let’s turn up the volume” on things that make a classroom exciting.

Ultimately, a Catholic IDEALS School is a place where children find joy each day as they develop into their best versions of themselves.

Catholic IDEALS School - Resources
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Top 20 Training - Our partner in becoming a Catholic IDEALS School


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