Technology Leadership

Today’s students, no matter the grade level, are "digital natives". It is Saint Mark's goal to prepare them also to be good “digital citizens” of a world where they can aspire to be the leaders and innovators of the future.

In 2008 Saint Mark's launched a “one-to-one” program to equip every middle school student with a laptop and wi-fi access in every classroom. With the knowledge that every student had access to a laptop or tablet, teachers were able to incorporate the use of technology into their curriculum. In addition to the devices provided to middle school students, a fully equipped computer lab is available to every grade, including the preschool. Students in grades K-2 have tablet devices to use when needed and grades 3-5 have access to a mobile laptop cart for in-class projects. In 2015 each classroom was outfitted with BrightLink smart boards tied into a robust wireless system that covers the campus. The school employs a Technology Coordinator to provide management of and support for its technological investments and is advised by a committee made up of parents and other Saint Mark's community members all with many years of experience in the technology industry.

Most of our students will enroll in high schools with a one-to-one technology program. Saint Mark's believes that participation in our one-to-one program can help students to be well-prepared for and to better manage that transition.

Instruction delivered with innovative classroom technology by technologically literate educators in a safe, secure, and nurturing environment ensures a school experience that prepares students with the skills they need to succeed academically, professionally, and personally in our competitive global economy.

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