Grade 4

Our beloved “middle children” at Saint Mark’s are a joy to watch mature in mind, body, and spirit. Clearly no longer the youngsters of the school, our fourth graders heighten their sense of responsibility and personal accountability this year.

Fourth grade students at Saint Mark’s step into new roles including lectoring at church and robotics. Of course, curriculum rigor ramps up at this level as well with more advanced mathematics concepts, increased writing expectations, and new levels of service learning. Beyond this, though, students are coached to grow in their interpersonal relations. Offering special consideration for their neighbors’ needs is no longer an exceptional behavior, but the expectation for students in fourth grade. As they begin to prepare to be elder students in the school, we help our students form more regular patterns of compassion, service, and leadership, to help these virtues become habits.


  1. English Language Arts
  2. Math
  3. Religion
  4. Science
  5. Social Studies
  • Comprehension Strategies and Skills
  • Vocabulary Strategies
  • Text Features
  • Grammar, Mechanics, Usage
  • Writing
  • Spelling
  • Place Value
  • Add and Subtract Whole Numbers
  • Understand Multiplication and Division
  • Multiply with One-Digit Numbers
  • Multiply with Two-Digit Numbers
  • Divide by a One-Digit Number
  • Patterns and Sequences
  • Fractions
  • Operations with Fractions
  • Fractions and Decimals
  • Customary Measurement
  • Metric Measurement
  • Perimeter and Area
  • Geometry
  • We Come to Know God
  • God Strengthens Us to Be Holy
  • We Love God
  • We Love God's People
  • Jesus Leads Us to Happiness
  • Church Seasons
  • Saints and Feast Days
  • Prayers We Pray as Catholics
  • Magnetism and Electricity
  • Human Body
  • Water
  • Ideas and Inventions
  • Structures of Life
  • Earth Materials
  • Environment, History, and Economy of the Southwest
  • Environment, History, and Economy of the Southeast
  • Environment, History, and Economy of the Northeast
  • Environment, History, and Economy of the Middle West
  • Environment, History, and Economy of the Mountain States
  • Environment, History, and Economy of the West

State Cakes

It is well known amongst Markers that fourth grade is the year of state cakes! The spring state cakes event is the capstone event that culminates the students' weeks long research on their chosen states. Each student works diligently to understand his or her chosen state culture, history, governance, and more.

Each child then bakes a cake (with state appropriate ingredients such as pineapple upside down cake for Hawaii or cornbread for Iowa). They then piece it all together to form a singular giant USA cake! Then the whole school helps devour it!


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