Saint Mark's offers a comprehensive athletics program.

Saint Mark's offers one of the most comprehensive athletics programs in the area. Activities include both boys and girls programs ranging from baseball and soccer to track and volleyball. Our mission is to provide programs that encourage athletic participation for a variety of interests, and provide coaching that develops the skills and character necessary for athletic success, in an environment that promotes Catholic values and sportsmanship.

Our philosophy is based on five key principles:

  • Participation: Our programs promote participation from a variety of interests and ability levels. We have a no-cut policy for our teams, and coaches are committed to playing every player in every game.
  • Coaching: Our coaches provide positive direction and guidance, while challenging each and every player to perform at their full potential.
  • Catholic Values: Our coaches, players, parents, and administration speak and act in ways that promote and are consistent with our Catholic values.
  • Developing Skills and Character: Our coaches teach the athletic skills, techniques, and strategies that are most effective in their sport with the goal of maximizing the ability of each and every player on the team. Coaches also instill and model; integrity, responsibility, perseverance, teamwork, confidence, and a positive attitude as key elements of character essential to athletic success, as well as success in life.
  • Sportsmanship: Our players, coaches, parents, and administrators conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner. We understand fair play, and it is embodied in our performance on and off the court or field. Players, parents, and administrators respect the roles of each other, game officials and the players, parents, and coaches of our opponents.



Athletics History

There were high hopes for the 1973 Saint Mark's 8th grade basketball team.

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Boys and Girls Basketball

Saint Mark's Basketball program (November - February) is offered for both boys and girls in grades five through eight.

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Boys Baseball

Saint Mark's spring baseball program (March-May) is offered for boys in grades five through eight.

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Saint Mark's offers a comprehensive soccer program for both boys and girls in grades 5 thru 8.

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Saint Mark's spring softball program (March-May) is offered for girls in grades five through eight.

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Saint Mark’s offers swimming to students in 1st through 8th grade.

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Saint Mark's offers track and field (March-May) for girls and boys grades 1-8.

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Saint Mark's offer volleyball (August - October) for girls and boys grades 5-8.

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